A First-Timer’s Guide to Beppu’s Hell Tour [from Beppu station]

Beppu info

This is a bus tour going around 7 jigoku (hot springs)in Beppu city.
7 jigoku are Umijigoku, Oniishibouzujigoku, Kamadojigoku, Oniyamajigoku, Shiraikejigoku, Chinoikejigoku,and Tatsumakijigoku.
Tickets are sold at the information counter in Beppu station.

Beppu Jigoku bus tour –  time and fare table

departure time

1. Beppu station 8:35        Kitahama bus center 8:40
2. Beppu station 11:40     Kitahama bus center 11:45
3. Beppu station 14:40     Kitahama bus center 14:45

※Please come to the bus stop 10 minutes before the departure time. The tour takes about 2 hours and a half.

rate table

adult : 3650yen   highschool students : 3060yen
junior highschool students : 2750yen children : 1740yen

(including the bus and jigoku entrance fee )

A book of tickets for 7 jigoku

You can also buy a book of tickets to enter 7 jigoku. It doesn’t include the bus fare.

adult : 2000yen  high school students : 1350yen  junior highschool students : 1000yen children 900yen

If you are going to stay at a hotel near Beppu station, the bus tour is easier to go to jigoku area.

Beppu jigoku bus tour web → kamenoi bus homepage