How to get to Beppu City from Oita Airport [Bus Airliner]

Beppu info

Oita airport is located in Kunisaki, far from Oita city or Beppu city. The inexpensive way to come to Beppu City is Bus Airliner.The air port is so small that you can easily find the Bus stop. Followings are how to use Bus airliner.

From arrival gate to the Bus stop

Outside of the arrival gate, there is a toilet on your left, and Bus service counter on your left.


You can buy bus tickets at the counter. After getting tickets, go outside and you will find the bus stop no.2 on the left side.


You can’t miss it. Bus stop no.2.

Fare and Time table


Beppu Kitahama is a center of Beppu city, near Beppu station.

Single ticket (one way)   1500 yen.

A book of 2 tickets          2600 yen.  

A book of 4 tickets          4100 yen.

Children (under 12)          750 yen. (One way ticket only. No other discount service)

It takes about 45 minutes from Oita Airport to Beppu Kitahama. You can check departure and arrival time on the website.Bus Airliner


Airport Parking fee



Free for first 30 minutes.

1 hour  standard :150yen large sized car :450yen  motorcycle :100yen
24 hour  standard :500yen large sized car :1500yen  motorcycle :250yen

There are some other parking places around the airport. One day fee is less expensive than that of the airport.


I recommend you to come to Beppu by Bus Airliner, because it takes only 45 minutes and it is not so expensive. If you want to rent a car, there are some rental car offices near the airport. Of course it is also a good way.