How to get on Beppu City’s local buses

Beppu info

Here are some tips on how to take the bus for convenient sightseeing in Beppu.

First, to find out where you want to go from and to where you want to go to, search “Beppu City Bus” on your smart phone. From the search page, you can check bus time fares and transfer information from the bus stop to a bus stop near your destination.

From Beppu Station, you can take buses in the direction of Kannawa Onsen, Umitamago, and many other destinations.

When you arrive at the bus stop, check the bus stop display for the destination and departure time of the bus you have searched for in advance. The bus stop display will show “Bus Stop Name, Route Number, Last Stop, and Bus Stop”.

When the bus pulls into the bus stop, check the bus route number and the destination of the bus to confirm that it is the bus you plan to board. Board the bus from the rear door.

Please pay the bus fare when you get off the bus. When paying by a transportation system IC card Various transportation system IC cards such as Suica can be used on local buses. Suica can also be used with Mobile Suica. Touch your IC card to the card reader at the boarding gate. When you hear a “beep” sound, you are good to go.

If you are boarding the bus with cash, please take a numbered ticket when you board the bus. When you get off the bus, press the “get off” button near you when the bus announces the bus stop where you are getting off. Next, check the fare chart inside the bus. If you are paying in cash, please check the number on the numbered ticket and the number of the fare on the fare chart. If you are paying in cash, please put the numbered ticket and cash in the fare box and get off the bus. Only 1000 yen bills can be exchanged on the bus.